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2012年  11月02日

Enjoy a wonderful experience!

A great opportunity! Japan tourism agency offers a free Kanto area trip for people who have a working holiday visa.

Enjoy a wonderful experience!

Tour information:
● Application deadline 11/9: Sakura, Chiba Prefecture 11/17 (Sat.) - 11/18 (Sun.)
1 night 2 days trip: Jidai Matsuri (Festival of the Ages) experience, Museum of Japanese History, Boso Village (hands-on experiential museum), Samurai Residences, Former Hotta Residence, etc.

● Application deadline 11/22: Katsunuma, Yamanashi Prefecture 12/1 (Sat.) - 12/2 (Sun.)
1 night 2 days trip: Katsunuma Budo no Oka (wine tasting), Daizen-ji Temple, Katsunuma Morning Market, Mercian (winery tour), etc.

What we ask of participants:
- We have international visitors go to tourist spots and we get to discover the beauty and charms of Japan through their eyes and make suggestions for improvement where they find inconvenience so that international visitors will be able to enjoy their time here comfortably.
- In addition, use the Internet to show people in your home country your sightseeing photos and to tell them about what you found and what you enjoyed about Japan as well as future possibilities.

Conditions of participation:
・Intended for foreign citizens residing in the Kanto area
・Have a working holiday visa or student visa
・We will have you visit an area that is actively working to promote tourism, and we ask that you submit a report on improving service for international visitors.
・Trip costs: free (participants are responsible for on-site spending and the cost of transportation to the meetup point)
*For those residing in Tokyo, we plan to meet at Tokyo Station.
・Able to go sightseeing in the area to which you are sent without an interpreter or other guide.
・Able to assist as a supporter and make a report on improving service while at the same time discovering the charms of area tourism resources.
・Willing to assist, even after you have been sent, with improving service at tourist spots in areas to which you will be sent.
・Able to convey information regarding the tourist spots that you have visited to people overseas, including in their native language, via social networking services, blogs, and the like.

If you would like to participate in the tour, please fill in the following items (Japanese writing) with the required information in Japanese and apply by email.
Further, if the number of people interested in participating is very large, there will be a lottery.

Please send the email to the address below:

Country of origin:
Phone number:
Email address:
Desired trip (choose one):
Length of stay in Japan (how many months, starting from arrival in Japan):
Do you use Facebook?
Area of residence:
Example 1 - Chiyoda, Tokyo
Example 2 - Ichikawa, Chiba
Do you have food or other allergies?
Reason for participating:

Further, in the above item, “Reason for participating,” we are looking for a motivation that is a bit different from just getting to participate in an ordinary trip. This could include, for example, “Instead of simply traveling I would like to see Japan for my own education.” Thus, we would appreciate it if you could take this into account in your answer.

2012年  10月04日

Great opportunity! free Kansai trip

A great opportunity! Japan tourism agency offers a free Kansai area trip for people who have a working holiday visa.


Since the great earthquake of March 11th 2011, the number of foreign tourists has been decreasing. Some think it is too expensive to visit Japan, Some are worried about communication problems.


But is it really true? It is pretty easy to get around Japan. Find out with a free trip around& nbsp;the Kansai area!


Japan Tourism agency is offering a free kansai area overnight trip for people who currently live in Japan on a Workingholiday visa.


There are 5 options.

@Shiga Oct.27.to Oct. 28

AOsaka Nov.17 to Nov.18

BKobe Dec.1 to Dec.2

CWakayama Dec. 8 to Dec.9

DNara Dec.15 to Dec.16


☆Please note.

You have to come to the meeting place (ie. Kyoto station) yourself.

Other than scheduled transport, accommodation, and meals for 2 days, it will be at your own cost.

This offer is only for people who currently live in the Kansai/kinki area in Japan


If you are interested, we< span style=color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height: 18px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); > have something we would like you to do for us.

1, Follow the schedule, visit the sightseeing places with your group.

2, Check out shops, hotels, restaurants and information centers.

3, Make a report to the agency to promote Japanese tourist areas. (i.e. Was it easy to find your way from the map on the street? Facilities in the hotels or restaurants are suitable toyou ? Did you have any communication problems ?)

4, Enter your Blog twitter and Facebook about your trip ( with a bunch of nice photos!) in order to tell your friends,families and the world about your life in Japan


You are required to

1 Understand basic Japanese to make your way. (There will be no interpreter with the trip)

2 Make sure to submit the report.

3;Please continue your support to promote local tourism after the campaign.


☆This offer is only for foreigners who have a valid working holiday visa and currently live in the Kansai/kinki area inJapan


If you are interested in the trip and support Japanese tourism, please apply via Email and we will give you moredetailed information and conditions.


Please provide・・・

Your name




Phone Number

Email address

Your preferred destination




Length of stay in Japan

Do you have a Facebook account?

Your current ad dress City and prefecture


Our email address is


Please apply by 13th Oct.(Japanese time)

2012年  08月30日

Lets hang out ! 1st Sep.17:00〜 Hub

It is still a hot summer in Tokyo !  
Why dont you go out for drink with us ?

Atsue from the Working Holiday Centre and her Australian husband Cameron
are going to have some drinks this weekend at Hub Shibuya2 in Tokyo.  

There will be Atsues French and Japanese friends too.
Would you like to join us? 

Just let us know and we will tell you where to meet.

2012年  04月29日

The Golden Week Holiday Information

WHC office will be closed on the dates below. 
Tokyo Head Office Apr. 29th (Sun.) to May. 6th (Sun.)
※the Golden Week (from April 29 through May 5, both of which are public holidays).

2012年  03月31日

Ohanami picnic on 8th Apr in Asukay

Now spring has come!Sakura(cherry blossoms) will bloom soon!
WHC is organizing a Ohanami picnic in Asukayama.
It a great opportunity to meet other working-holiday makers and to get know Japanese locals!

This is a free of charge event.
Just bring your own food and drink.
Meet us at JR Keihin Tohoku Line OJI station South exit at 12:00 If you wanna join us later please call 090-6563-9423 and we will let you know where we are.

Where is Asukayama and Why is so famous?